How to Install Tool-X in Termux

Did you realize you can transform your smartphone into a true hacking machine? All of this can be accomplished with the assistance of Termux and Tool-X. If you already have termux installed on your phone, you may install all tools with a single click. If you do not have it, you can read how here What Is Termux How to Install It and First Steps After Instalation.

What exactly is Tool-X?

Many consider it to be the best tool framework for Termux because it was created especially for it.

Tool-X is an excellent and powerful framework that offers tools for all of the necessary penetration areas. He comes with over 370 tools.

Installing Tool-X

As and alwyas lets first update and upgrade our Termux terminal


pkg update && pkg upgrade -y

If you’re wondering why there’s a -y at the end, it’s to provide confirmation permission during the process.

We may now begin installation when we have completed this step and are confident that everything is up to date. We’ll need git for this, so if you don’t already have it, type pkg install git to get it.

Now type or copy and paste:

git clone


cd Tool-X

When we are in Tool-X directorium,


chmod +x install.aex

To make it executable.

Now Type:

sh install.aex

If this does not work, try:

sh ./install.aex

This will execute command read from file.

Confirm the installation and that’s it, you’ve successfully installed Tool-X on your phone. After that, all you have to do is follow the instructions.

To start Tool-X, type:


With capilazied letters T and X. Alternatively, you may use toolx.

1 will show up a list of tools.

00 will take you back to the previous screen.

2 is to show tools arranged into categories.

x is for exit.

To install any tool, simply input the tool’s number and hit enter.

Watch Video

You may see an example in the video below.


As you can see, termux is a serious and powerful tool with numerous possibilities in several digital domains.

He provides us with the opportunity to broaden our smartphone usage.

This is only one of many examples.

Tell me in the comments what your favorite tool is.

Stay Cool ­čśÄ