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How to Play Music in Termux

Introduction Why would you want to play audio files and music in termux terminal on your phone? Well if nothing else then because is fun… There are more ways ( Programs for play music and audio files in termux ). In this article, we will look for one who calls play-audio. First as good practice we need to run: 1 pkg update && pkg upgrade commands to update and upgrade our repositories.

Top 8 Web Browsers for Android and IOS That Are Most Secure And Private

Introduction Great amount of time on our phones we spend searching the web, how safe are our default browsers in terms of malware and virus protection and how much they respect our privacy? Well unfortunately not very much! Due to various functions enabled in Google Chrome, Safari and other major Web Browsers it leads to lack of security. Some can be modified in settings, but to most of them we as end users do not have access, they are built in the core of the Browsers.

Top 3 Web Browsers For Desktop That Are The Most Secure And Private

Introduction In today’s world we can say that big amount of time we spend on Web. Listening music, reading news, watching videos or movies. Or just surfing the Web. And all that we do trough application called Browser. So it’s very important for our personal as and our system to be secure in that process. Web security is a much more complex topic, but we will here focus on Browser security.