Top 6 Apps Like Youtube

We all enjoy YouTube, and we must admit that it is a fantastic platform. Where we may find everything we want, from entertainment to instructive videos, sports, and news. But it’s really anointing when we have to watch a few advertisements before the video starts, or even worse when they start in the middle of the video, right when it’s going to be an important part.

On the PC, we use add blockers in browsers to avoid this, but on our phones, we are unable to do so since we use a YouTube app that does not allow us to. Fortunately, there is a workaround, which is to utilize third-party apps to watch YouTube videos.

They are not only a good alternative for the original YouTube app in terms of not having annoying ads, but they also include several features that the regular YouTube app does not have. Like listening to music in the background or with the screen turned off.Additionally, they have the ability to download videos.

There are paid versions, but this blog prefers free and open source, especially when the applications are excellent and there is no need to use the premium version.

I’ll show you six of the best free applications for watching YouTube videos on Android and iOS.

Apps List

  1. NewPipe
  2. TubeMate
  3. SnapTube
  4. MyTube
  5. NetTube
  6. Tubex

NewPipe Photo

A simple and user-friendly YouTube alternative app NewPipe is the most popular software among Android users who wish to preserve battery life and RAM space on their device.

Download NewPipe

TubeMate Photo

TubeMate is an Android YouTube video downloader with basic browsing features. This one-click download software is also compatible with older Android versions.

Download TubeMate

SnapTube Photo

Snaptube is a video downloader for Android that allows you to save videos from YouTube and other websites. It also functions as a video to audio converter online. You can get videos in a variety of audio file formats and bitrates, such as mp3 and M4A.

Download SnapTube

MyTube Photo

MyTube is a YouTube music app for iOS that contains a trending today widget for discovering and viewing popular music videos without requiring membership.

Download MyTube

NetTube Photo

NetTube is a secure and feature-rich YouTube music app for iOS. This app allows iPhone users to view all web music videos in the background while keeping the design appealing.

Download NetTube

Tubex Photo

Tubex is an up-to-date YouTube rival app for iOS that aims to provide music enthusiasts with high-quality music videos via a user-friendly layout and browsing feature.

Download Tubex