What Are Yubikeys Used For?

What Exactly Are Yubikeys, And How Do You Use Them?

Yubico is a brand of security keys that provide physical two-factor authentication.

The YubiKey is a hardware two-factor authentication device. The YubiKey is intended to ensure that the owner of the device, not the device, is the one that logs into the account. Each key is unique and can be used to access your online accounts as well as secure sensitive data.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security technique that involves using two factors to verify a person’s identity. A second factor is something different from an account credential, such as a telephone number, a hardware token, or a code sent to a mobile device. For example, a service might require a second factor, such as a username and password, as well as a secret question or code sent to a mobile device. The second factor can be something the user has (a device or token) or something the user knows (a code sent to a mobile device).

Why To Use Yubikey?

YubiKey is a better solution because it’s less likely to be compromised. So it is the safer option. To access the app, you need to plug in the YubiKey and press the button to authenticate. Because you don’t have to type, cod is one more step in security. The codes themselves are longer.

Besides being safer, the YubiKey is also really easy to use. Even if you migrate from another computer, you just plug in the YubiKey and you can access apps the same as before. Simple.

You can use YubiKey to log in to your computer or laptop system. So it is very useful.

How To Set Up Yubikey

Even setting up a YubiKey is simple.

Activate your Yubikey:

  • Go to the Yubico Setup Page.

  • Find your app and who you want to secure by browsing the list of supported apps.

  • Follow the instructions for the specific app.

Yup, so simple.

Why Should You Think About Buying Two YubiKey?

You cannot recover your codes if you lose the Yubikey.
However, having two YubiKeys means you can always keep one in a safe place as a backup and use it as a spare key.

Which YubiKey Should I Get?
YubiKey Ilustration Image

There are different models and types. There are yubikeys for individual use and for business purposes. For USB-A and USB-C,  Lighting. You can choose if you want wireless connectivity or not. And based on specific apps and technology, you want to protect.

As a result, you’ll decide which YubiKey is best for you depending on your preferences and requirements.
And going to Yubico Quiz Page is the greatest approach to decide. Answer a few questions about your needs in a short quiz, and Yubico will recommend the perfect Yubikey for you.

You may also go browse their products on their Product Page.

If you need an extra layer of security or are concerned about your privacy, YubiKeys are an excellent option.